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Wix vs. WordPress - Which Site Builder is Right for You?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

No new client goes by without asking the burning question, "Which site builder is best for my business?" There are so many great website building platforms that help us web designers bring your vision to life, but here we will go through two of the biggest website builders out there...Wix and WordPress. Here are the pros and cons of each platform that will help you (with our help of course!) decide what is right for your brand.


Overall, I love using Wix to design our clients' websites because it is clean and streamlined, making it super easy for client's customers to navigate their site. Content can be structured in an organized fashion, without removing the fun design aspect. Also, Wix offers relatively low monthly hosting plans for our clients so we can still work within their branding budget.



  • Affordable monthly website plan cost

  • Less updates needed to keep site running

  • Good quality - all apps integrate well with Wix

  • Not as highly rated for e-commerce

  • More limited in customizable features

  • Less functionality and capabilities for blogs

We generally recommend Wix for clients who are beginning their online presence. While Wix is not rated as highly as WordPress for e-commerce businesses, it is still great for smaller businesses who want to offer their products online. However, Wix is not as great for blog sites where the blog is the main event. There aren't as many functions to restrict or allow user involvement with the posts, and you can't organize the blog posts as well as WordPress. If you are just running a blog as an addition for public engagement on your site, Wix is still a good match!


It constantly amazes me how much WordPress allows you to customize on their CMS (content management system). As the most widely used CMS to date, the almost limitless number of plugins and widgets allow for maximum customization on WordPress websites. While monthly hosting costs are higher, you definitely get a bang for your buck.



  • Highly customizable with plugins

  • Great for e-commerce websites

  • Dedicated blog publishing and organizing

  • Significantly higher set-up and monthly fees

  • Plugins are not vetted by WordPress

  • Needs constant updates for best functionality

WordPress is a great option for companies who may have been online for a time and need more capabilities with their website. The platform handles larger e-commerce business very well and even gives dedicated blog businesses more options for post organization, engagement and publishing. On the other hand, WordPress can be a bit of a pain with their sites needing constant updates to work the best, and while their plugins allow high customization, they are not vetted by WordPress which may cause integration issues with your site. With a little research and evaluation, WordPress could offer everything your company needs on your website.

When it comes to choosing between Wix or WordPress, it honestly comes down to your business' situation. At Stellify we help you choose a platform in the website development process based on your brand's needs. If you are interested in learning which website hosting platform is right for you, click the button below to get started!



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