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What does "Stellify" mean?

To "stellify" is to place among the stars. We want to help you build a solid brand foundation so you can be among the top businesses in your industry.


We make and stick to timelines that work for your business. We believe in completed projects & frequent communication.


Our clients are like family, but we maintain a professional manner in both our communication and our work.


We keep the promises we make, or else we make it right. Our top priority with our customers is trust.

Meet our founder, Tori

It is my passion to bring the online vision of your brand to life. There's something wonderful about experiencing the excitement of creating and building your brand's online presence with you.

I started StellifyDS to give our clients an all-inclusive online marketing service for their business. But you know what? A lot of people are probably telling you the same thing. So, you ask, why am I so different from the next website development company?


My knowledge of your business doesn't only extend to the boundaries of your website. I truly understand your brand from a deeper level. I studied International Business with a concentration in Marketing and Apparel Merchandising, which gave me a comprehension of the hard work behind your products: design concepts, logistics, and positive effects of larger exposure. I want to take that knowledge and combine it with the website of your dreams to show the world the true value of your brand.

Let's build your brand, together

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